Utomic Protection Bundle

Utomic Protection Bundle

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Get the absolute best in protection with the Utomic Protection Bundle. Bundle includes one Bumper and one Glass screen protector, custom designed by Utomic for the L16.



Utomic Bumper

Product description: Made from velvety soft FlexCore technology, the Utomic Bumper is designed to guard your L16 from minor slips and falls—the pitfalls of gravity that so often wage war on our devices. With a 3mm bezel, the bumper lifts the L16’s lens array and touchscreen off the ground, keeping it safe and secure—and your memories intact.


      • Designed to protect against minor bumps and falls
      • 3mm bezel lifts lenses and touchscreen off flat structures
      • Ergonomic thumb-grip for added stability
      • Material is soft to the touch but tough against gravity


    Utomic Glass

    Product description: Made out of thin, Japanese Asahi glass, the Utomic Glass screen protector is a durable, protective layer that shields the L16’s touchscreen from scratches and dirt—and keeps your camera looking as good as new.


        • Protects FHD touchscreen from scratches and dirt
        • Made out of thin (0.33mm) yet durable Japanese Asahi glass
        • Precision fit with 2.5D rounded lenses
        • Cutout for rear microphone
        • Easy installation (cleaning wipes included)